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Wright, Wyoming is a little inconspicuous town in northeast Wyoming that doesn't produce much, other than coal. But every now and then, it breaks the mold. That is what happened with J.W. Bond.

He grew up the son of a blue-collar coal miner, who taught him to be hard-working, respectful, and above all, trustworthy. At a young age, J.W. Bond had ambitions of working in law enforcement, and so he dedicated his life to that. After graduating college and leaving Wright, he obtained a criminal justice degree from the University of Wyoming and immediately started putting his time and energy toward becoming a police officer.

This is what took him from Wyoming to Las Vegas. He attended the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Academy, graduated and began patrolling the streets of Vegas as a Metropolitan police officer. Here, he gained first-hand knowledge of police procedures, making hundreds of arrests for DUI, battery domestic violence, robberies, burglaries, and numerous other serious misdemeanors and felonies. 

While J.W. enjoyed protecting the people of Las Vegas, he also experienced just how cruel and intimidating the criminal justice system can be to those on the wrong side of suspicion. This is what led him to resign from the police force and go to William S. Boyd School of Law. Here, he learned the ins and outs of the criminal justice system, was the Vice President of the Student Bar Association, and graduated with a degree from one of the top law schools in the Rocky Mountain region.

Since graduating, he has spent years working for a busy Las Vegas firm, routinely defending clients against charges ranging from traffic tickets to murder, fighting insurance companies to gain substantial payouts for client's injuries, ensuring clients obtain custody of their children, protecting assets in divorce and preventing residents of the United States from being deported.

He now finds himself in a new phase of life. After having visited Boise countless times, he fell in love with the area (and a girl), so he has brought his tenacity, know-how and passion for defending good people to the great state of Idaho. If you choose J.W. to represent you, you will be making the right choice.

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